“Building community is key.”

As a spiritualist, teacher, and lifetime student of nature and energy, Iya Dami strives to build and bridge communities through divine inspiration, spiritual counsel, and community empowerment.

Ifa-da-mi-lo-la is an ATS (African Traditional Spirituality) student and practitioner whose extensive and ongoing studies have led her to serve her community in a variety of ways. Iya Da-mi-lo-la is a trained priestess and diviner. She promotes healing through divination, ritual & teaching – while empowering others to tap into their own power, intuition, and ancestral connection. With a background in education, Iya Da-mi  also follows the entrepreneurial career path as the owner of the non-profit “H.O.O.D.” “Helping Our Own Daily”. 

Through every expression and service, Iya Dami encourages followers to be actively involved in building and advancing their community through positive innovation and action. So be inspired by every blog/ vlog/ reading/ spiritual course and support the cause in your own way with, Dami.

Love & Light