“Building community is key.”

As a spiritualist, teacher, and eternal student of nature’s wisdom and energy, Iya Dami dedicates her life to uniting and strengthening communities through divine inspiration, spiritual guidance, and empowerment.

Immersed in the teachings of African Traditional Spirituality (ATS), Ifadamilola continually delves into profound studies, evolving into a practitioner committed to serving her community in multifaceted ways. Recognized as a trained priestess and diviner, Iya Damilola channels healing energies through the art of divination, ritual, and education, fostering empowerment by unlocking individuals’ innate power, intuition, and ancestral connections.

Rooted in an educational background, Iya Dami also paves an entrepreneurial path as the visionary behind the non-profit initiative “H.O.O.D.” (Helping Our Own Daily).

Through her blog posts, vlogs, spiritual courses, and readings, Iya Dami beckons followers to actively participate in advancing their communities through positive innovation and purposeful action. Every interaction with Dami is an invitation to embrace inspiration and contribute to a greater cause.