What does it mean to ALIGN our Expectations with our Actions?

Honest self-assessment in order to understand ALL necessary processes to reach one’s goal. Remaining willing and able to put forth ALL required effort to achieve one’s desire.

Our Goals need plans, as our plans give direction to our actions.

These are the keys to positive manifestations and accomplishments in life.

Importance of Spiritual Alignment…

Having plans and taking action to reach our goals are physical representations of how we manifest. Aligning our spiritual selves assures that our goals and plans are always connected to the divine that knows our destiny.

How does one spiritually align themselves?…

Through ATS (African Traditional Spirituality) practices and beliefs, seeking the guidance of spirit is fundamental to aligning oneself spiritually. The processes of divination serve as a tool to directly connect our purpose and actions with the divine. This process also inspires and directs our goals/intent, fosters sound clarity within our minds, and gives the proper prescription necessary to remove any surrounding negative forces (i.e., blockages, delays, fears, doubts, insecurities, enemies, etc.).

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